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Garden at the Crossroads

The Garden at the Crossroads was designed by a sculptor Tadeusz Kurczyna at Młodzawy Małe, only 6 km from Pińczów. We find there a fairytale landscape with a several-meter-high waterfall, grotto, little ponds and a large number of different flowers and shrubs arranged on three levels.

  • Młodzawy Małe
  • +48 41 357 92 65
Ogród botaniczny w Kielcach

  • Kielce, ul. Jagiellońska 78
  • +48 530 042 838
Zoo in Bałtów

Over 20 species of wild animals live currently in the 40 hectare area of the ‘Bałtów Zoo’. These are for example: Dybowski’s deers, fallow deers, mufflons, Scottish cattle, chamois, racka, Cameroon and other species of sheep, lamas, Polish and hucul horses, nilgau antelopes, dromedaries, ostriches, emus and others.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 14 21