Botanical Garden in Kielce

Botanical Garden in Kielce is located in the administrative borders of Kielce City, on the south-eastern slopes of the Karczówka Mountain (339 meters high), on the crossroads of Karczówkowska Street and Jagiellońska Street. The axis of the garden is the historic Karczówkowska Street with brick stations of the Way of the Cross.

  • Kielce, Jagiellońska 90
  • +48 41 367 64 68
Garden at the Crossroads

The Garden at the Crossroads was designed by a sculptor Tadeusz Kurczyna at Młodzawy Małe, only 6 km from Pińczów. We find there a fairytale landscape with a several-meter-high waterfall, grotto, little ponds and a large number of different flowers and shrubs arranged on three levels.

  • Młodzawy Małe
  • +48 41 357 92 65
Ogród botaniczny w Kielcach

  • Kielce, ul. Jagiellońska 78
  • +48 530 042 838
Zoo in Bałtów

Over 20 species of wild animals live currently in the 40 hectare area of the ‘Bałtów Zoo’. These are for example: Dybowski’s deers, fallow deers, mufflons, Scottish cattle, chamois, racka, Cameroon and other species of sheep, lamas, Polish and hucul horses, nilgau antelopes, dromedaries, ostriches, emus and others.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 14 21