International Rural Tourism and Agrotourism Fair AGROTRAVEL 2020
17.04.2020 - 19.04.2020

Motivation to continue the venture of AGROTRAVEL originated in the growing interest of rural tourism among potential entrepreneurs and tourists. The new image of rural areas was being introduced, in which they were perceived not only in terms of labor, but also in terms of rest, recovery and refuge from fast-paced city life.

  • Kielce, ul. Zakładowa 1
  • +48 41 361 80 57
Świętokrzyskie Fair at Święty Krzyż

If one wishes to go back in time to one thousand years ago and personally discover how fierce Świętokrzyskie demons used to be then, and how the first monks of Święty Krzyż drove witches away, or taste the food of the then inhabitants of our region, the Świętokrzyskie Fair at Święty Krzyż is a must.

  • Święty Krzyż
  • +48 41 344 54 29
Świętokrzyski Agritourist Fair

The fair has taken place in The Etnographic Park in Tokarnia, among historical wooden buildings from the Świętokrzyskie Region and fragments of natural settlement groups.

  • Tokarnia
  • +48 41 344 92 97
Opatów Kermis
06.06.2020 - 07.06.2020

The Opatów Fair is a yearly event which has continued to be organised since the 1970s. It is a festival of the town and municipality of Opatów, its character going back to historical fairs which used to be held at Opatów from the Middle Ages onwards.

  • Opatów
  • +48 15 868 13 00
Świętokrzyskie Strawberry Day at Bieliny

The Świętokrzyskie Strawberry Day is a truly delicious family festival. The Strawberry Day provides an opportunity to taste the fruit at the opening of the strawberry season, dance to a variety of music styles.

  • Bieliny
  • +48 41 302 50 94
Zalewajka Festival in Bieliny

Zalewajka, a kind of soup with potatoes flooded with sourdough-based Polish sour soup, has been feasted in Bieliny for a few years already.

  • Huta Szklana
  • +48 41 302 50 94
European Apple-Harvesting Festival at Obrazów
12.09.2020 - 13.09.2020

The only harvest festival in its kind which features both the traditional customs part and the exhibition of the fruit of farming labour of one of Poland"s leading fruit and vegetable regions. Besides seeing the exhibition, one can also taste the fruit.

  • Obrazów
  • +48 15 836 51 62
Roasting potatoes on St. Teklas’s day

Every year the potato Day is around September 23, which Tekla’s name-day. The biggest attraction of the event is roasting potatoes in big bonefires, as the name of the festival suggests.

  • Dębno
  • +48 41 353 50 18
Christmas Fair in Laszczyk Manor House

A week before Christmas the Museum invites to christmas fair. In the courtyard of the manor, one can buy hand-made Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas regional dishes, as well as, works of folk artists.

  • Kielce, Dworek Laszczyków, ul. Jana Pawła II 6
  • +48 41 34 450 06