Świętokrzyskie Calvary from Nowa Słupia to Święty Krzyż

The Świętokrzyskie Calvary from Nowa Słupia to Święty Krzyż is Poland"s oldest pilgrimage route. Following a centuries-long break, this historic Way of the Cross has been rebuilt and complemented with fourteen wooden shrines representing the Stations of the Cross.

  • Nowa Słupia - Św. Krzyż
  • +48 41 317 82 78
Parish Fair at Post-Camaldolese Monastery at Rytwiany

On the Assumption Day, at the Post-Camaldolese Monastery – the Golden Forest Hermitage at Rytwiany, the centuries-old Monastery Parish Fair takes place. Culminating in a mass at a field altar in the former Camaldolese gardens.

  • Rytwiany
  • +48 15 864 77 95
Jubilee Świętokrzyskie Pilgrims" Rally to Święty Krzyż

The Świętokrzyskie Pilgrims" Rally is Poland"s largest one-day hiking event. Every year, at the foot of Święty Krzyż almost four thousand people come together. There is a selection of fourteen routes, staffed by 120 Świętokrzyskie guides.

  • Góry Swiętokrzyskie
  • +48 41 344 77 43