The "Golden Forest Hermitage" Therapeutic Centre at Rytwiany

The Cameldolese monaster in Rytwiany has an interesting offer for those who need peace, silence and contemplation away from commotion of everyday life. In brief, it’s a ideal offer for hardworking business people. This offer is based on three Cameldolite rules of silence, contemplation and solitary lifestyle.

  • Rytwiany, ul. Klasztorna 25
  • +48 15 864 77 95
The Echo Hotel Rehabilitation and Leisure Centre at Cedzyna

Our center offers general rehabilitation stays with rest and recreation program for handicapped persons with locomotor dysfunction and circulatory system disorders. Different treatments in the area of physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and biological are also available.

  • Cedzyna k/Kielc
  • +48 41 302 21 07
The Europa Hotel Wellness Club in Starachowice

The Club Wellness has its seat in the Hotel Europa. One can rest and relax here after a long and tiresome journey, stressful business meeting or a full day training session. The most sophisticated facilities are put at our guests’ disposal.

  • Starachowice, ul. Radomska 76a
  • +48 41 276 78 03
VENUS Cosmetic Institute

The “Venus” Cosmetic Institute is an authorized salon of the French cosmetic company Thalago. It offers procedures that help in keeping fine figure, enjoying good health and in building up a positive image of spirit and body.

  • Kielce, Planty 16 C
  • +48 41 368 46 11

The Willa Zielona is a small one-storeyed building with balcony and weranda, decorated by architectonical details. The offer includes single and double rooms with higher standard. The guests can relax in Nature-Therapeutic Complex which offers 13 treatments.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. 1–go Maja 39
  • +48 41 370 32 73
Włókniarz Sanatorium
Room from:60PLN

It is located in the spa limits of Busko-Zdrój, close to the nearby park. The Sanatorium “Włókniarz” offers a variety of medical, wellness and SPA treatments with the use of natural sulphide and hydro-sulphide brine and therapeutic mud. he following treatments are available: carbon dioxide baths, hydroelectric baths and many others.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Rokosza 1
  • +48 41 370 70 00