Criuses on the Vistula

Cruises on the Vistula are very popular with tourists visiting Sandomierz and its environs. Beautiful, panoramic view over the town situated on the high escarpment enfolds from the ship slowly cruising up- and down-stream.

  • Sandomierz
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Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train

The Świętokrzyska Local Train “Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train”, which uses the narrow-gauge line built by the Austrian military units already in 1915, belongs to one of the major tourist attractions of Ponidzie.

    The Narrow-Gauge Railway in Starachowice

    The development of narrow- gauge railway lines in the neighborhood of Starachowice was closely connected with industrial and mining activities carried out within the framework of an inter-war project known as the Central Industrial Region.

    • Route Starachowice - Lipie
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