Autobus turystyczny - Zarezerwuj bilet !!!
A Renewed you!

Most of women, irrespective of age, cannot devote much time only to themselves. Work, homework, childcare do not allow for frequent beauty or rejuvenating treatments. That is why taking one weekend or even a week every couple of months is more popular than relaxing for two or three hours at lively home.

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Agrotouristic farm „Kuźnia”

The Kuźnia hospitality farm stands in the middle of the Cisowsko- Orłowiński Landscape Park. Surrounded by hills and valleys, it’s located far away from other farms and busy roads. Guests can admire blacksmith’s skills in the local workshop or learn decoupage techniques in the specially arranged atelier.

    Canoe Ride

    Very attractive are kayaking trips included in the regional tourist offer. They are organized on such rivers as the Wierna, known from the famous novel by Stefan Żeromski, the Nida with its valley included in the Nature 2000 Program, and on a few others.

      Criuses on the Vistula

      Cruises on the Vistula are very popular with tourists visiting Sandomierz and its environs. Beautiful, panoramic view over the town situated on the high escarpment enfolds from the ship slowly cruising up- and down-stream.

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      Culinary Heritage of Świętokrzyskie (within the European Network of Culinary Heritage)

      Since the very beginning – the era of the Piast dynasty – the Poles enjoyed good food. Our dishes – both traditional and modern ones – are appreciated abroad and they frequently become culinary titbits. However, due to constant hurry and fast food restaurant chains, our eating habits are getting worse.

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      There is nothing more pleasant than leisure time spent with friends. Ethnographic Theme Park in Tokarnia gives you memorable experiences and serene rest at the same time. Crossing the gates to the Park is like a time travel to the 19th century.

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      European Tale Center

      Famous fable town really exists! Billy Goat, the host of this beautiful places, invites children from all over the world. One can meet Little Red Ridding Hood, Puss in Boots and dwarfs. Crossing the threshold, the guests see a table, four meters high, under which a Magic Wardrobe is located.

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      For Health and Beauty

      For Health and Beauty” is a package offer fpr patients interested in therapeutic stay, beauty treatment or combination of both. Various packages are offered to meet each customer"s needs, so that he or she could undergo therapeutic and beauty treatments under medical supervision and be physically active at the same time.

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      Geoeducation Centre in Wietrznia

      Wietrznia – Zbigniew Rubinowski reserve is the final height in the Kadzielnia Range and is located in the eastern part of Kielce, between the Wojska Polskiego, Daleszycka and Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego streets.This is the largest of the Kielce geological reserves, whose shape was influenced by mining and takes the form of a canyon surrounded by rocky faces.

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      Get better with Chopin!

      Effective relaxation and restoring the joy of life – that is the core of “Get better with Chopin!”, the package by Health Resort Busko-Zdrój S.A.

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