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AMAZONKA Equestrain Center

The Equestrian Centre "Amazonka" is located in the area of great scenic beauty – Borków surrounded by a hundred years old pine wood. It is situated in a close neighbourhood with a gorgeous lake which area contains about forty hectares. The stud has about thirty horses which live on the area of thirty hectares.

  • Borków, 68
  • +48 41 317 19 92
CICHY ZAKĄTEK Agrotourist Farm

The farm is situated about 11 km from Chmielnik. It is located at the Horse Trail of "Białe Ługi" Local Active Group. Hutsul horses are special attraction of this place. The farm runs a pension for horses with comfortable boxings, board and veterinary care.

  • Grabowiec
  • +48 41 354 91 86
HARLEJÓWKA Agrotourist Farm

Family atmosphere, tasty ecological food and plenty of attractions, such as: riding ducts forest, riding arena, as well as a wagon rides, winter sleigh rides, mini-zoo with interesting animals, beautiful Podhale shepherd and exploration of Staszowska Land.

  • Wiśniowa-Poduchowna
  • +48 15 824 19 67
Horse Land – Equestrian Center in Bałtow

The center is located on the Kamienna River waterfront and near the Bałtowski Jurassic Park. There are two maneges with sandy ground and a competition ring for those who wish to learn jumping over obstacles.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 14 20
LEŚNE ZACISZE Agrotourist Farm

Agrotourist Farm is located 20 kilometers from Kielce. Wide range of attractions includes recreational horse riding. Riders can arrive with their own horses. Guests are accommodated in comfortable rooms. Additional attractions are mini zoo, highland hut, quads and volleyball court.

  • Lisów-Wygwizdów, 6
  • +48 607 627 271
LESZEK POŚPIECH Agrotourist Farm

The farm is located about 12 km from Busko-Zdrój. In addition to recreational riding, the hosts give possibility to conduct training. Riders can arrive with their own horse. Guests can be accommodated in comfortable rooms.

  • Busko-Zdrój, Kotki-Budy
  • +48 41 353 17 75
MAAG Equestrian Centre of Hippotherapy

MAAG is one of the oldest equestrian centers in the region. Although it is situated in Kielce, the object is an ideal base in the area, both for short trips, and multi-day rallies. Here await recreational and sport horses. Centre is also known from professionally led classes with hippotherapy.

  • Kielce, ul. Ściegiennego 207
  • +48 41 348 91 83
Park Stadion in Kielce

It is a rest and recreation center located amidst pine forests. Visitors can tour an exhibition of exotic plants and animals (egzotarium) and a mini ZOO, visit an equestrian center, have a meal at Four Horses country-inn...

  • Kielce, ul. Kusocińskiego 61A
  • +48 41 361 00 07

The farm is located in the vicinity of the lagoon of Sieradowicki Landscape Park. The hosts organizes varied rallies in fields. Facility specializes in organizing events such as integrational evenings, sleigh rides and carriage rides. Guests are invited for recreational riding, sports training and field trips.

  • Starachowice, ul. Podlesie 78
  • +48 41 273 15 88
PONIDZIE Country Riding Club

Country Riding Club awaits for riding lovers. The club offers riding lessons, field trips along the Nida River or visit the Arabian Stud Farm in Michałów. There is possible to organize sleigh rides and britzka rides. Carriage rides cost 100 PLN and are connected to the feast and bonfire (menu can be ordered).

  • Pińczów, ul. Armii Ludowej 2
  • +48 41 357 24 47