Agrotourist Center - "Our Rancho - Nida Stop"

Canoeing has simple and inexpensive form and are prepared for those who had kayaking before and do not need guides or rescuers. Start and canoeing time depends on the participants. Each participant is equipped with comfortable double kayak, paddle and life jacket.

  • Nida
  • +48 41 241 31 98
Canoeing - Morawica

The source of beautiful wild nature of Black Nida Basin guarantes an unforgettable experiences . Nida River is a lowland river. This tour is not too difficult, so everyone can participate in canoeing. It is also the opportunity for people who do not have too much time.

  • Morawica
  • +48 668 208 410
Canoeing - Pińczów

Canoeing on Nida River includes three variants arranged by the Municipal Centre"s of Sport and Recreation. The route begins in Mostkowice and leads through the most beautiful areas of Ponidzie Land. The offer includes two, three and four - day trip.

  • Pińczów, ul. Pałęki 26
  • +48 41 357 28 11
DELTA Association. Canoeing and rafting.

Kamienna River near Bałtów creates a picturesque gorge. Jurassic limestone rocks on both sides of the valley, riverside vegetation, animals and birds, Bałtowska village panorama and historical church - all those can be seen during the trip. Rafting route starts at the foot of the Drucki-Lubecki palace situated near the hill.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 14 20
Kajakiem (po)Nidzie

One-day and multiday kayaking on Nida River. The organizers provide transport, possibility of full board, feast and barbecue, as well as campfire with roast piglet. Participants sleep in t camping and farms. Events are provided for companies and individuals.

  • Gacki k. Pińczowa
  • +48 504 210 972 – Kayaking trips organizes weekend and longer kayaking trips in the South of Poland. We offer kayak and canoe rental. You can also choose one-day kayaking trip. We kayak on Biała and Czarna Nida, Pilica, Wierna Rzeka, Lubrzanka, Nida and Vistula.

  • Jędrzejów, ul. Rakowska 29
  • +48 600 288 375
Sports and Recreation Center in Sielpia

Sielpia is a summer holiday spot located near the artificial lake created on the Czarna Konecka river. There are a few dozen holiday centers situated in the pine forest surrounding the lake. They offer accommodation in summer huts or on bivouac fields as well as such water sports gear for rent as kayaks and water bikes.

  • Sielpia, ul. Spacerowa 1
  • +48 41 372 02 22