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Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools

In the Binkowski tropical pools summer never ends. Leave your day-to-day behind and enjoy your holidays in the amazing atmosphere of this Tropical Paradise.

  • Kielce, Wojciecha Szczepaniaka 42
  • 41 340 35 60
Complex of Indoor Pools "Błękitna Fala" in Sandomierz

The building is equipped with air conditioning system. Guests have at their disposal 25/12 m swimming pool with massages, water slide and paddling pool. The complex is adjusted to the disabled people who can use the pool at certain times. Guests can relax in sauna and jacuzzi.

  • Sandomierz, ul. Zielna 6
  • +48 15 644 67 20
Indoor Swimmig Pool of "Malinowy Zdrój" Hotel in Solec-Zdrój

Recreational pool size 8/12 m is a perfect place for those who need relaxation after a hard day"s work. The facility includes sauna and jacuzzi. At the entrance of the full range of shop, restaurant and cafe.

  • Solce-Zdrój, ul. Leśna 7
  • +48 41 370 40 00
Indoor Swimmig Pool of "Senator" Hotel in Starachowice

Hotel "Senator" offers relaxation and rest in sauna and jacuzzi. Swimming pool has 12/7m size. It is a perfect place for novice swimmers. The stay in the pool can be connected with relax in 6 personal jacuzzi and steam sauna. One can learn to swim by prior arrangement by telephone.

  • Starachowice, ul. Krywki 18
  • +48 41 274 03 90
Indoor Swimming Pool at Primary School no. 25 in Kielce

Swimming pool is located on the first floor of the building. It has 25 m x 12.5 m dimensions. The facility is adjusted to the disabled (lift). Food buffet, with a counter, tables and chairs are located in the hallway on the first floor. Swimming pool is adapted to individual customers, as well as the swimming competition.

  • Kielce, ul. Jurajska 7
  • +48 41 364 21 70 (ticket office)
Indoor Swimming Pool DELFIN in Kielce

Indoor swimming pool "Delfin" has been already renovated into modern facility. Dimensions of the pool is 25/12m. Another popular feature is 96 m slide! In addition to the attractions, the facility offers health club and sauna. The building is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

  • Kielce, ul. Krakowska 2
  • +48 41 366 90 13
Indoor Swimming Pool FOKA in Kielce

Swimming pool "FOKA" is a new facility on the map of Kielce. The complex includes two pools: a large one with dimensions 25m x 12m and smaller one with dimensions 12m x 6m. Swimming pool is adapted to individual customers, as well as the swimming competition. The hall is equipped with a sound system and tables to display the results.

  • Kielce, ul. Wrzosowa 1
  • +48 41 260 53 52 (cash register)
Indoor Swimming Pool in Baćkowice

Indoor swimming pool in Baćkowice was founded in 2010. It has 8.5 m x 16.67 meters dimensions. There are whirlpool bath for six people installed. Swimming pool is adapted to individual customers, as well as swimming competition organization.

  • Baćkowice
  • +48 15 86 81 656
Indoor Swimming Pool in Busko-Zdrój

Swimming pool with dimensions 25m x 12 m, paddling pool and a separate "elephant" pool for babies. Attractions include ski tube, bench and massages. The facility is accessible to disabled people. The staff organizes diving courses, water aerobics lessons, as well as lessons for those who want s to lose weight.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. J.W. Grotta 3a
  • +48 41 378 85 49
Indoor Swimming Pool in CITI HOTEL in Kielce

Medium swimming pool in CITY HOTEL in the center of Kielce provides active relaxation in recreational swimming pool with jacuzzi and hydromassage which relaxes muscle tension and blood circulation. The facility includes Finnish sauna. There is a large car park outside the complex.

  • Kielce, ul. Paderewskiego 4
  • +48 41 335 98 12