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Indoor Swimming Pool in Jędrzejów

The complex consists of 25m x 12 m swimming pool and small paddling pool. The facility is adjusted to the disabled people. Within the basin there is a gym and sauna. In summer, the facility opens pitch and tennis court. There is also stall with sweets and drinks.

  • Jędrzejów, ul. Przypkowskiego 43
  • +48 41 386 52 09
Indoor Swimming Pool in KAMERALNY Hotel in Kielce

The complex offers a wide range of attractions: waterfalls, water massage and aqua aerobics. After swimming, one can use Finnish sauna or hot whirlpool. Both attractions are included in the ticket price. Swimming pool has dimensions 12m x 5m. Guests can learn swimming in professional instructor"s care.

  • Kielce, ul. Tarnowska 7
  • +48 41 348 25 30
Indoor Swimming Pool in Końskie

The facility in Końskie includes swimming pool, paddling pool, hydromassage, Finnish sauna, steam room, cryochamber, jacuzzi and salt cave. Swimming pool has 25m x 12 m dimensions. Professional staff offers swimming lessons (contact by phone). The building is adjusted to the disabled.

  • Końskie, ul. Warszawska 38
  • +48 41 372 90 60
Indoor Swimming Pool in LA MAR Hotel in Kielce

Swimming pool in Hotel La Mar is the perfect place to rest and relax after busy day. The complex is located in the relaxation zone, where there is also a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, massage and kinestiotaping. Swimming pool with hydromassage among the scenery of tropical vegetation.

  • Kielce, ul. Sikorskiego 2
  • +48 41 330 23 33
Indoor Swimming Pool in ODYSSEY HOTEL in Dąbrowa

The unique world of swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms in the Odyssey Hotel offers many attractions including swimming in the recreational pool with underwater massage. Guests can relax in jacuzzi, spacious outdoor terrace with comfortable sun beds and brine pool, where the body is freely floating on the surface.

  • Dąbrowa
  • +48 41 317 44 00
Indoor Swimming Pool in Pińczów

The air-conditioned hall contains of main swimming pool basin with 25 m x 12.5 m. dimensions equipped with: 42 meters slide, jacuzzi, narrow massage pool and underwater massage facilities. The facility is adjusted to the disabled. There is a dry sauna, steam room and a newly opened cafe with a terrace.

  • Pińczów, ul. 7 Źródeł 7
  • +48 41 357 27 33
Indoor Swimming Pool in Połaniec

Swimming pool has 25m x 12 m dimensions and includes attractions such as paddling pool, 70 m slide, and hydromassages. The facility includes locker rooms adjusted to the disabled people. One can learn swimming after prior arrangement by the telephone. The building is accessible for persons with disabilities.

  • Połaniec, ul. Witosa 1
  • +48 15 865 11 30
Indoor Swimming Pool in PRZEDWIOŚNIE Hotel in Mąchocice Kapitulne

Indoor swimming pool with recreational basin and paddling pool offers attractions such as sauna and hydromassages. Guests can learn swimming in professional instructor"s care. There is a shop where swimsuits for adults can be bought. The complex consists of tennis court, volleyball pool and billiard room.

  • Mąchocice Kapitulne
  • +48 41 311 17 92
Indoor Swimming Pool in Sędziszów

The sport and education complex at the School in Sędziszów contains of swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna and 75 m slide. This sport hall includes 420 sites in gallery, open playground for football, volleyball and basketball with artificial surface, as well as accommodation and catering facilities.

  • Sędziszów, ul. Dworcowa 20a
  • +48 41 381 27 30
Indoor Swimming Pool in Skarżysko-Kamienna

The facility consists of swimming pool with 25m x 12 m dimensions, paddling pool, gym, sauna, fitness room, and cafe. The facility is adjusted to the disabled. It is possible to learn swimming in professional instructor"s care. The facility has shop where swimming equippment can be bought.

  • Skarżysko-Kamienna, ul. Spółdzielcza 19
  • +48 41 253 93 50