Bałtow – Bałtow Switzerland

There are two freestyle pistes (340 m and 570 m long, 50 m and 70 m wide, difference of levels 65 m) in theis scenic area. The slope is lit and equipped with snow-making cannons. Ski-service and skiing gear rental center as well as a bar and a parking place are located near the ski-lifts.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 26 41 420
Bodzentyn - ski slope

"Baba Yaga" Ski resort in Góra Miejska is a charming place where you can see a magnificent panorama of the Holy Cross Mountains and Świętokrzyski National Park. In addition to the joy of the sport, keen skiers can complete their knowledge about the most important tourist attractions in Świętokrzyskie.

  • Bodzentyn, ul. Kielecka
  • +48 606 259 272
Cross-country skis

Winter trip in Świętokrzyskie can be started in Bieliny. The village is famous for strawberry cultivation but in winter it changes into excellent place for cross - country skis. There is 23 ski paths in the most beautiful area of Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

  • Bieliny
Kielce – Mt Telegraf and Mt Pierścienica

Mt Telegraf (406 m) Skiers can enjoy the slope (40 m wide, 500 m long) equipped with a double T-bar, very steep in places and representing a difference of levels of 100 meters. Nearby is a small skilift for children and beginners (180 m long, difference of levels 30 m).

  • Kielce
  • +48 41 368 74 26
Konary Skiing Slope

Welcome to the newly established ski resort in Konary. The slope is located in a picturesque village in the municipality of Klimontów, near the historic castle Krzyztopór in Ujazd.

  • Konary
  • +48 504 118 748
Krajno-Zagórze – the Sabat skiing slope

Krajno-Zagórze – the Sabat skiing slope (740 m long, 100 m wide, difference of levels 95 m) is served by with two rope-tows and is equipped with lighting, snow-making and snow-grooming facilities and machines.

  • Krajno
  • +48 602 217 920
Niestachów Skiing Center – Mt Otrocz

The slopes of Mt Otrocz are lit and maintained with snow-making and trail grooming machines. A bar, parking lot and a ski rental center are located near the lower station. Skiers can enjoy four slopes of different difficulty.

  • Niestachów
  • +48 41 302 10 48
Słoneczna Mountain in Sandomierz - skiing slope

Municipal Sports and Recreation invites to the ski slope on Słoneczna Mountain in Sandomierz "Piszczele" Park. Recreational slope length of 60 m gives possibility to improve skiing. There are also organized games, contests and fun in the snow.

  • Sandomierz, Park Piszczele
  • +48 15 664 458 172
Tumlin – Mt Łajscowa

The slope (500 m long, 42 m wide, difference of levels 79 m) is equipped with two platterlifts, electric lighting, and snow cannons. Other services include a ski-school, catering, and a parking lot.

  • Tumlin - Podgród
  • +48 41 303 49 82