Along the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

One of the most picturesquely routes of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, which leads through the three bands (Masłowskie, Klonowskie and partly Łysogórskie). For exact visit one needs minimum of two days. Nowa Słupia which is situated in the middle of trail offers excellent accommodation facilities.

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Around Starachowice

The route leads mainly through the forest. However, there are its monuments of architecture and technology, interesting museums and places connected with the struggles for independence.

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Central Basin of Kamienna River

Kamienna Basin is an area that already has been famous for developing of ancient industry. The Neolithic flint was explored here, and later formed here dymarki, unique for this area only. It is also worth looking at religious monuments in the area.

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From Świętomarz to Starachowice

The trail goes beyond the boundaries of Voivodship, and its part coincides with the red trail Cedzyna - Opatów. Most of the trail is flown along asphalt roads, and only small along ducts forest.

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Municipal Tourist Bicycle Trail of  Mieczyslaw Radwan

The trail enables tourists to aquatint with the most attractive sights of the Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski area. The route runs around the city, covering most of asphalt roads with low traffic.

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Sandomierskie Landscapes (1)

The perfect solution for a short, scenic trip. The trail leads mostly asphalt roads with low traffic car. The route offers spectacular views of the Sandomierz hills and old town.

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Sandomierskie Landscapes (2)

This easy trail is the perfect choice for a short, afternoon bike trip. It does not require high skills cycling. In addition to the scenic value, the route has sightseeing value.

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Sandomierz - Opatów Route

Although most of the trail is routed along asphalt roads, here and there sandy loess substrate may hinder the driving.

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Surroundings of Bieliny

The trail leads through places associated with the earliest settlements in the Holy Cross Mountains, extending its range of rich history, namely the Holy Cross and a beautiful mountain nature.

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The Bałtow Bicycle Trail (1)

The most attractive place on the trail is Jurassic Park in Bałtów which offers educational path, contact with nature and amusement in the Jurrasic Playground.