On the Tumlińskie Hills

The route leads mainly forest areas, however, does not lack attractive scenic sections. Geology enthusiasts will be interested in the traditions of Miedziana Góra and Tumlin surroundings, and fans of legends will find something among the mysterious Stone Circles on the Grodowa Mountain.

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Red Trail from Kielce to Chęciny

Perfect trail for one-day trip. The route is relatively easy, however, Mountain Patrol can be troubled. Particular attention should be paid when crossing the ridge of rock mountain in Zelejowa Reserve.

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Świętokrzyski Archeo – Geo Trail no 1.

This is a perfect route for geology’s lovers, because it leads to three geological reserves. An unforgettable experience gives a visit in the Raj Cave, which has nearly forty years consistently delights visitors with wonderful garment stalactite.

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Świętokrzyski Archeo – Geo Trail no 2.

The route is primarily recommended to all interested in Geology and the mining tradition of the region. The biggest attraction is Miedzianka Mountain, jokingly called the Świętokrzyski Giewont. It provides an excellent vantage point.

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Through the Jeleniowski Landscape Park

The route is recommended primarily for hiking enthusiasts. Lack of monuments will be rewarded by nature (especially in spring and autumn) protected in two reserves.

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Towards Oak Bartek

The greatest attraction of a trail is the King "Bartek". According to numerous legends, it is the oldest tree in Poland and has more than 1000 years.

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Towards Szczytniak

The main route leads through the most popular trail of Świętokrzyskie Mountains – The Edmund Massalski Trail. The highlight of the expedition is Szczytniak Mountain, the highest elevation of Jeleniowskie Chain, on top of which is a scenic reserve.

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Towards the Holy Cross

This short trail leads through the most famous areas of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. In addition to the scenic and natural values of the Forest Jodlowa, it gives an opportunity to discover the wealth of history and legends of a region.

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Traces of Henryk Sienkiewicz

An ideal proposal for an afternoon walk. Stunning scenery of Suchedniowsko-Oblęgorski National Park, gorges of Barania, as well as, Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum in Oblęgorek, make the route varied and interesting for everyone.

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Traces of Martyrdom of Polish Villages

This relatively short trail leads first of all through the forest sof Sieradowicki Landscpe Park. The trail includes Michniów - a village-monument commemorating the martyrdom of the Polish countryside.

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