Przypkowski Family Museum

At the town market there are two tenement houses dating back to the 18th century, which house the collection of a museum of clocks founded and run by the Przypkowski Family.

  • Jędrzejów, pl. T. Kościuszki 7/8 7 / 8
  • +48 41 386 24 45
Royal Castle in Sandomierz

Both the Sandomierz defensive walls and the castle were constructed during the reign of king Kazimierz III Wielki (14th c.). The castle was erected on the Castle Hill in place once occupied by a stronghold (10th c.). It was a residence of prince Henryk Sandomierski, son of king Bolesław III Krzywousty (1086-1138).

  • Sandomierz, ul. Zamkowa 12
  • +48 15 832 22 65
Szydłów - Polish Carcassonne

Szydłów acquired the name of Polish Carcassonne thanks to its well-preserved medieval urban layout and fortification walls (680 m)with the Renaissance Cracovian Gate. Built of the locally extracted limestone in the 14th century, the city walls were 1080 meters long and 1.8m thick.

  • Szydłów, ul. Szkolna 8
  • +48 41 354 51 46
The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection

The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection came into existence in the building of old prison in Kielce. It is a place where citizens of Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region could learn about their ancestors’ patriotic and civic achievements. The concept of the exhibition was developed by Mirosław Nizio – the author of the exhibition in The Warsaw Rising Museum.

  • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 3
  • +48 41 367 68 01
Tokarnia Heritage Park

The main exhibition of the Museum of Kielecka Village is the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia, which is located on the E77 route leading from Kielce to Cracow. In the picturesquely located in the Czarna Nida river bend over 70-hectare area...

  • Tokarnia
  • +48 41 315 41 71