OBLĘGOREK Spa Hospital
Room from:90PLN

The “Oblęgorek” Spa Hospital is located in an old and beautiful building raised in 1903. It serves patients with dermatological problems. The hospital is equipped with the newest medical facilities, including instruments for phototherapy.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. 1 Maja 19
  • +48 41 370 31 51
RAFAŁ Sanatorium
Room from:90PLN

The building of the Sanatorium “Rafał” is located in the spa park. The staff take care of patients with such health problems as ankylosing spondylitis, ankylosing arthritis, degenerative affection of joints and certain gynecological disorders.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Topolowa 2
  • +48 41 378 39 68
Rawszczyzna Swimming Pool, Spa and Rehabilitation Centre

Medical services in such areas as hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, local and systemic cryotherapy, and phototherapy are available in our center. There is also a sauna and fitness room. Our offer includes 120 various treatments and procedures as well as different varieties of aerobic.

  • Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, ul. Mickiewicza 32
  • +48 041 26 74 110
Rok Styl Studio Kielce

Patients of our beauty studio can avail themselves of such treatments as massages with use of hot chocolate and hot stones, rehabilitation and body shaping treatments with use on the only Kielce Starvac Sp2 facility.

  • Kielce, ul. Grenadierów 8
  • + 48 41 361 50 00
SŁOWACKI - SPA *** Sanatorium
Room from:170PLN

Our hospitality facilities include 11 single, 27 double and 6 family rooms as well as comfortable suites. We specialize in treatment of patients who suffer from ankylosing spondylitis, ankylosing arthritis, degenerative affection of hip, knee and spinal column joints, osteoporosis, and skin diseases.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. 1 Maja 33
  • +48 41 378 78 79

Medicinal sulphide water also known as sulphuric and hydrogen sulphide brine is believed to be extremely rare. Its therapeutic properties make the spa of Busko-Zdrój unique on the whole European continent. The sulphide water is used for baths, drinking cures and as mouth rinse.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. F. Rzewuskiego 1
  • +48 41 370 32 00
Spa Marconi

The “Marconi” sanatorium occupies the building of the former “Łazienki” bathhouse erected by the famous architect of Italian origin Henryk Marconi in 1836. It offers medical treatment facilities as well as accommodations for 170 persons in high standard single rooms, double rooms and suites.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Rzewuskiego 1
  • +48 41 370 31 51

The Solec-Zdrój health resort is located in the scenic town of Solec-Zdrój (Świętokrzyskie voivodeship), on the territory of a picturesque spa park. Flowing out of a few 170-meter-deep boreholes, medicinal waters such as sulphide brines containing sulphide and polysulphide ions are the greatest treasure of the Solec-Zdrój spa.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. 1-ego Maja 1
  • +48 41 377 60 17
SPA&Beauty Institute

With its special location and climate, the SPA & Beauty Institute is housed by the Congress Hotel in Kielce. Therapeutic facilities include a jacuzzi, SKA capsule, Finish and infrared saunas and many other specialistic devices.

  • Kielce, al. Solidarności 34
  • +48 41 332 64 74
Świętokrzyskie Rehabilitation Centre

A locality with ideal climatic conditions for medical treatment and rest, Czarniecka Góra upon River Czarna is located amidst forests, 12 km from Końskie and 2 km from Stąporków. The first sanatorium that offered natural medical procedures was founded here in 1891.

  • Czarniecka Góra, Czarniecka Góra 43
  • +48 41 374 11 63