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Golden Package for Seniors

Busko Zdrój S.A. has come across the needs of Seniors and designed special “Golden Package for Seniors”. It is the combination health resorts’ medical potential with experience in medical and beauty treatments; town’s natural potential and cultural values of the region.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. 1 Maja 10
  • +48 41 370 31 51
If your Back Hurts

Spine pain is the problem of which more and more people are suffering – working at computer desk, lack of physical activity and sloppiness of posture has lead to the fact that spine conditions has become lifestyle diseases.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Chopina 9
  • +48 41 344 70 69
Integrating with History

On each step taken in the Świętokrzyskie Region one is surrounded by the traces of deep past. This land is full of unique places which activate imagination and dreams about the past and encourage to learn their history.

  • Województwo Świętokrzyskie
  • +48 41 366 30 15
Medical SPA Renewal

Stress, air pollution, fast food eaten at every opportunity, lack of physical activity – all this does not have any positive influence on health and overall well-being.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Lesna 7
  • +48 41 370 40 04
Medical&Spa in Aviator Hotel

In the basement of the Medical Wellness Aviator is a complex of saunas, including Finnish and IT (infrared) with colour therapy and relaxing music. In addition, a relaxation zone is equipped with professional jaccuzi with aromatherapy.

  • Dąbrowa, ul. Szybowcowa 41
  • +48 41 201 04 00
Medieval Settlement in Huta Szklana

An exceptional place is built in Huta Szklana – a small village in Bieliny Commune. A medieval settlement in which the times goes few centuries back. Once you cross the entrance gate you feel as if time travel machine threw you into distant past. Homesteads and workshops from 11th and 12th century and the Herbalist"s Shack invite you to take one more step. And then another one.

  • Bieliny
  • +48 41 302 50 94 w. 213
My Metamorphosis

Fast-paced lifestyle has become so common that it does not allow us to take care of our beauty, health and of our physical and mental well-being. . But even if you cannot afford to take few days or even a weekend off, it is still beneficial to devote one afternoon only to your body.

  • Kielce, al. Solidarności 34
  • +48 41 33 26 474
On the Places of Power Route

According to Hindu beliefs, the place of power is where the unique energy and bliss accumulate. The people of Świętokrzyskie believe that one of such places exists right next to the monastery on the mountain known as Święty Krzyż (Holy Cross Mountain).

  • Województwo Świętokrzyskie
  • +48 41 348 00 60
On the Route of Turtle and Dinosaur

The Świętokrzyski region works like a magnet on those who look for variety of leisure time pursuits. One of such attractions is The Route of Turtle and Dinosaur, a part of a larger project – The Flint Ring. It is a perfect combination of physical activity, education, play, and gaining new experience.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 12 93
On the Świętokrzyski Route of Industrial Monuments

The Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship offers not only magic and wizardry, myths and legends full of mysterious characters and fantastic events; it tempts not only with beautiful nature spots, picturesque ruins of castles. It is also the region in which wonderful and unique monuments of technology documenting a thousand-year long development of industry can be found.

  • Końskie Poviat
  • +48 41 348 00 60