Criuses on the Vistula

Cruises on the Vistula are very popular with tourists visiting Sandomierz and its environs. Beautiful, panoramic view over the town situated on the high escarpment enfolds from the ship slowly cruising up- and down-stream.

  • Sandomierz
  • +48 15 832 60 29
Culinary Heritage of Świętokrzyskie (within the European Network of Culinary Heritage)

Since the very beginning – the era of the Piast dynasty – the Poles enjoyed good food. Our dishes – both traditional and modern ones – are appreciated abroad and they frequently become culinary titbits. However, due to constant hurry and fast food restaurant chains, our eating habits are getting worse.

  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • +48 41 342 14 51
European Tale Center

Famous fable town really exists! Billy Goat, the host of this beautiful places, invites children from all over the world. One can meet Little Red Ridding Hood, Puss in Boots and dwarfs. Crossing the threshold, the guests see a table, four meters high, under which a Magic Wardrobe is located.

  • Pacanów, ul. Kornela Makuszyńskiego 1
  • +48 41 376 50 88
For Health and Beauty

For Health and Beauty” is a package offer fpr patients interested in therapeutic stay, beauty treatment or combination of both. Various packages are offered to meet each customer"s needs, so that he or she could undergo therapeutic and beauty treatments under medical supervision and be physically active at the same time.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. 1 Maja 33
  • +48 41 378 78 79
Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train

The Świętokrzyska Local Train “Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train”, which uses the narrow-gauge line built by the Austrian military units already in 1915, belongs to one of the major tourist attractions of Ponidzie.

    The Apple Paradise – Three Days on the Apple Trail of Sandomierz

    The route links interesting places and presents unique historical and natural sights. The Tourist wandering through this land can feel the nature, see not only picturesque landscapes but also exquisite monuments of masonry and wooden architecture, manor houses with marvellous, hundred-year-old trees in landscape parks.

    • Sandomierz Region
    • +48 15 833 31 00 wew. 45
    The Bałtowski Jurassic Park

    A visit to the only Jurassic Park in Poland will give you a unique opportunity to see and admire natural sized prehistoric reptiles. In the area of approximately 3 hectares in the village of Bałtów near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski you will find over 40 dinosaur models.

    • Bałtów
    • +48 41 264 14 20 21
    The Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree

    A new trend – long walks in the most picturesque places – is being introduced in order to change the stale lifestyles and urge into better treatment of bodies and souls. The Świętokrzyski Region offers Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree for all those who wish to rest and give some time to themselves.

    • Koprzywnica
    • +48 15 847 62 02
    The Narrow-Gauge Railway in Starachowice

    The development of narrow- gauge railway lines in the neighborhood of Starachowice was closely connected with industrial and mining activities carried out within the framework of an inter-war project known as the Central Industrial Region.

    • Route Starachowice - Lipie
    • +48 41 276 09 42
    The Trail around the Sun

    You dread for the weather each time you plan your summer holidays? There is nothing more disappointing than rainy and cold weekend. There is one place in Poland, however, where the Sun shines for 1551 hours a year! It is called Busko-Zdrój and it is a perfect for climatotherapy. Exquisite microclimate of Busko-Zdrój creates perfect conditions for good rest.

    • Busko-Zdrój
    • +48 41 378 71 77