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Indoor Swimming Pool in Starachowice

Swimming pool is a modern facility, adjusted to the disabled. Guests have at their disposal swimming pool with dimensions of 25 m x 12,5 m, recreational swimming pool, wild river, geyser air, bench tubular with air massage, water sprinklers boundary and paddling pool for children.

  • Starachowice, ul. Szkolna 14b
  • +48 41 275 24 31
Indoor Swimming Pool in UROCZYSKO Hotel in Cedzyna

Swimming pool and recreation center at Uroczysko Hotel was created for relaxation and well-being of the guests. Moments in a modern and professionally equipped center are the perfect culmination of a long and busy day. Guests have at their disposal swimming pool, jacuzzi and bathtubs, aquatic massage loungers.

  • Cedzyna
  • +48 41 368 11 16
Indoor Swimming Pool KORAL in Morawica

The swimming pool has 25m x 12 m dimensions. An important feature is the swimming pool basin made of stainless steel. The facility consists of large basin and recreational basin (with a specially water massage jets and a paddling pool for children), and the high 60-meters slide.

  • Morawica, ul. Szkolna 6
  • +48 41 311 47 02
Indoor Swimming Pool MORS (former UROCZYSKO)

Swimming pool covers sports pool sized 25m x12m with cloak rooms, room for instructors, and utility rooms. The facility is adjusted to the disabled. There is a bufet and car park near the facility. The price includes discounts for pupils, students and pensioners.

  • Kielce, ul. Toporowskiego 96
  • +48 41 362 74 71
Indoor Swimming Pool NEMO in Włoszczowa

The facility consists of 3 floors (2 ground and 1 underground) with a total area of 2627 m2. Main basin has a length of 25 meters and has 6 tracks. Recreational pool has a length of 12.5 m. Main hall includes cloakroom, porter, shop, toilets, social room and entrances to saunas and solarium.

  • Włoszczowa, ul. Wiśniowa 43
  • +48 41 333 51 01
Indoor Swimming Pool NEPTUN in Ożarów

Swimming is a modern facility consisting of a sport pool of 25m x 12,5 m dimensions with 6 track, as well as paddling pool and slide. Swimming pool is designed to carry various types of water activities such as swimming lessons, swim training, water recreation, hydrotherapy, and water games.

  • Ożarów, ul. Ostrowiecka 4a
  • +48 15 861 10 00
Indoor Swimming Pool ORKA in Kielce

Indoor Swimming Pool "ORKA" is situated at Secondary School No. 12 in Kielce. The facility includes two swimming pools - main swimming pool with dimensions 25 m x 12 m and smaller, recreational one. The complex includes cloak rooms and emergency rooms.

  • Kielce, ul. Kujawska 18
  • +48 41 342 00 53 (ticket box)
Indoor Swimming Pool PERŁA in Nowiny

Perła is the name of a nice indoor swimming pool complex in Nowiny near Kielce. The two-basin swimming pool is also used for underwater massages. There is also a slide, sauna, steam room and solarium. Undoubtedly the biggest attraction is 93 -meters lenght slide which enjoys a unique popularity of people of all ages.

  • Zagrody
  • +48 41 346 52 60
Indoor Swimming Pool RAWSZCZYZNA in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

There are some indoor swimming pools in the region that are to be recommended. The swimming pool center Rawszczyzna in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski has two swimming pools: one for recreational use and another one that has Olympic requirements. There is also a sauna and fitness center.

  • Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, ul. Mickiewicza 32
  • +48 41 265 00 00
Sport Center in Kazimierza Wielka

Swimming pool is a modernized facility, having an extended range of swimming lessons under the guidance of experienced staff swimming. The swimming pool with dimensions 25 m x 12 m and the paddling pool are designed for guests. The building is adjuested to the disabled.

  • Kazimierza Wielka, ul. Kościuszki 13
  • +48 41 350 10 20 ext. 114