Exploring the Beauty of Świętokrzyski National Park - On the Chełmowa Hill

Established already in 1920. reserve in Chelmowa, has become the nucleus of the Świętokrzyski National Park. The proposed route allows to become acquainted not only with the nature of the Świętokrzyskie region, but also the treasures of material culture.

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From Święta Katarzyna to Bodzentyn

The route, in addition to the magnificent views of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, gives possibility to admire the sights and history of Święta Katarzyna and Bodzentyn, as well as, appreciate natural values of Czarny Las Reserve.

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From Święta Katarzyna to Święty Krzyż

One of the most popular routes leads through the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, covering Świętokrzyski National Park and Łysogóry. The trail starts at the monastery in the Holy Cross and finishes in Saint Katarzyna, the place where Stefan Żeromski left his sign.

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Hiking trip in the Holy Cross Mountains

Holy Cross Mountains, with its rich natural advantages which distinguish this region from other provinces, is an ideal place for hiking, not only for professionals, but also for all nature lovers. This is a region of unconverted landscape conditions, where everybody can rest thanks to clean air.

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Meeting Sieradowicki Landscape Park

Sieradowicki Landscape Park is a place that enchants with the beauty of forests. Here are hidden mementos after January"s insurgents and partisans. The route starts in Wachock, which - in addition to jokes about village administrators - is known primarily from the Cistercian abbey.

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On the Bieliński Chain

The route leads mainly by forests, but it does not lack for attractive places where one can admire landscapes of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

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On the Brzechowski Chain

The route is recommended to all lovers of beautiful scenery, which one can admire the highest hill in Kielce - Telegraph. Anyone interested in geology should not miss the Reserve Wietrznia characterized by fauna fossils.

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On the Masłowki Chain

This very scenic trail leads through a picturesque Lubrzanka’s Gorge. The most fascinating natural monument is Devil"s Stone, around which created many legends. A trip is a great opportunity to see the landscapes of the Holy Cross Mountains.

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On the Orłowiński Chain

This scenic route leads through The Cisowsko-Orłowiński Landscape Park. It allows to see the turbulent history of the region during World War II. Geology fans will love the trail located in a small boulder fields.

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On the Posłowicki Chain around Kielce

The trail is not too far away from Kielce, which does not mean that lacking here beautiful landscapes and nature reserves. Satisfied should be also fans of monuments who will obviously admire the monastery in the top of Karczówka Hill.

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