Energy Science Centre

The exhibition tells a story about energy and consists of 28 interactive stations designed for individual experimentation. Here you will find a powerful, weighing more than 750 kg wheel-and-axle.

  • Kielce, KPT (budynek SKYE INC) 2 piętro, ul. Olszewskiego 6
  • +48 41 278 72 50
Historical Metallurgical Plant in Maleniec

Twenty-four kilometres west of Końskie, in Maleniec, on the Czarna River, there is an over two hundred year-old complex of rolling mills and nail plants. This historical stock of machinery, set in the natural countryside landscape, dates back to 1836.

  • Maleniec, Maleniec 54
  • +48 41 373 11 42
Metallurgical Furnace in Kuźniaki

Driving from Ruda Strawczyńska to Mniów, it is worth taking a break and stopping at Kuęniaki in order to see a huge metallurgical furnace, very interesting as regards the architecture, which once belonged to a steel mill called “Jadwiga”.

  • Kuźniaki
Museum of Nature and Technology in Starachowice

The Museum of Nature and Technology is an exceptional place because of the variety of its exhibits. Its most valuable item is the Blast Furnace Assembly of the first half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Starachowice, ul. Wielkopiecowa 1
  • +48 41 275 40 83
Retaining Wall in Bobrza

The first blast furnace on the Polish land was located in Bobrza, a small place in Kielce Powiat (the second level of Polish administrative division), in the 17th century. In 1824, at the distance of about 1 km, a new blast furnace plant was situated at the foot of a high slope.

  • Bobrza
Rolling Mill in Nietulisko Duże

The ruins of a rolling mill for fine rolled sections and steel sheets in Nietulisko Duże are the remains of a plant which was the last chain of the so-called “Starachowice industrial complex”.

  • Nietulisko Duże
Ruins of a Blast Furnace Plant in Samsonów

A blast furnace plant called “Joseph’s Steel Mill”, whose ruins one can admire up to the present, was built in the years 1818–1822 owing to the efforts of Stanisław Staszic. It was set up on the site of the first blast furnace of Bergamo type from 1598, which was rebuilt in the years 1641–44.

  • Samsonów