Relax and forget about stress

the experts from Rehabilitation and Medical Center NATURA has developed a complex therapeutic programme for patients who live under constant mental strain and need physical and psychological renewal.

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The Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree

A new trend – long walks in the most picturesque places – is being introduced in order to change the stale lifestyles and urge into better treatment of bodies and souls. The Świętokrzyski Region offers Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree for all those who wish to rest and give some time to themselves.

  • Koprzywnica
  • +48 15 847 62 02
The Singing Package

People who use voice as their work tool – artists, singers, vocalists, choir members, teachers, radio journalist or coaches – very often suffer from conditions plaguing their susceptible instrument. Despite deep throat care, vocal cords and larynx can easily weary or catch a cold, which makes work difficult or even impossible.

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Therapeutic Package

Hours spent at computer desk, allergies, degenerations caused by sport injuries, bad eating habits and lack of physical activity are the main causes of illnesses plaguing us nowadays. However, we frequently deny the need of treatment believing that problems will solve themselves or that we do not have enough time for long therapies.

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