The town of Bałtów is located some 12 kilometers north-east from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski in the valley of River Kamienna running through the Bałtów Plateau. Millions years ago dinosaurs roamed through the Kamienna River valley and left there their well-visible trail on the lime bedrock. The JuraPark Bałtów was set up nearby and it attracts lots of tourists every year.

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The little town of Bodzentyn came into being through the urban settlement translocation from the nearby Tarczek by the Cracovian (Kraków) bishop Jan Bodzanta between 1348 and 1355.

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Busko-Zdrój is one of the best Polish health resorts with its rich sources of sulphade, iodide and bromide waters. Here you can heal cardiovascular, motor organ, vegetative, dermatological and gynaecological system diseases.

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Chęciny is a town located relatively close to Kielce on the route Warszawa – Kraków. The town underwent development owing to its deposits of precious metals such as lead, silver or copper. The picturesque panorama dominated by a Gothic castle...

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The little town of Ćmielów is located some 10 km east from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, on the boundary of the Iłżeckie Foothills and the Sandomierz Plateau. It sits on the Kamienna River with a tributary of River Przepaść. Ćmielów is famous for the production of the highest quality porcelain.

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Czyżów Szlachecki

Traveling from Zawichost to Ożarów one comes to a little village of Czyżów Szlachecki famous for its perfectly renovated palace from 1740-1751. It was built for castellan of Połaniec Aleksander Czyżowski in place of a Gothic fortress destroyed by Swedes.

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Brzeżnica was the original name of the present-day Jędrzejów in the 12th century. A monastery was founded by the bishop of Wrocław Janik and his brother Klemens, Cracow"s Count Palatine in 1140. Nine years later they brought Cistercian monks from the French Abbey of Morimond in Burgundy.

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Prince Mieszko I was hunting in an enormous forest. He somehow stayed behind and found himself all alone far from his companions. Assaulted by brigands, the prince was beaten, robbed and gagged with poison. He would certainly die...

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Cracovian castellan Klemens founded Klimontów near Sandomierz around 1240. First records of the village"s existence date back to 1404. It passes into hands of the Ossoliński family in the 15th century. Castellan of radom, Jan Ossoliński, a close companion of king Władysław II Jagiełło was the first owner of Klimontów.

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Końskie, known since the 16th century, was connected with the family of Odrowąż and since the 17th century with the family of Małachowski. One of the most interesting park establishments in Poland with the so-called little garden architecture...

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