Autobus turystyczny - Zarezerwuj bilet !!!
"Crazy Monkeys" - paintball

Paintball is a great idea to make integrational events more attractive. Team games help to relieve daily stress. A large dose of adrenaline and emotion is a great way to motivate employees. Participants learn how to effectively work together and rely on yourself.

  • Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
  • +48 662 183 422
"Gutwin" - Public Beach in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

"Gutwin" recreation Center in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski won the contest for the "safest and best organized public beach in the 2008 season".

  • Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
  • +48 41 348 00 60
"Klekot" Public Beach near Włoszczowa

At the reservoir near is a place for tent, and in the summer operates water equipment rental. Near village Chycza (municipality Radków) expects resort and camping cottages.

  • Łachów
  • +48 41 348 00 60
"Piachy" Public Beach

Water reservoir is located in the eastern part of Starachowice (Michałów district). The edges of the basin are mild, mostly covered with grass.

  • Starachowice-Michałów
  • +48 41 348 00 60
"Zochcinek" Public Beach

This reservoir Zochcinek is also the only guarded public beach in the district Opatów. The lake itself is about less than 3 km from the center Opatow.

  • Zochcinek
  • +48 41 348 00 60
21st Spa and Rehabilitation Military Hospital
Room from:160PLN

The 21. Military Spa and Rehabilitation Hospital SP ZOZ in Busko-Zdrój offers rehabilitation therapy combined with spa treatment. This rule is based on application of balneological treatment and kinesitherapy at one time and in one place, together with the whole spectrum of other physiotherapeutic procedures.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Rzewsukiego 8
  • +48 41 378 03 85
A Renewed you!

Most of women, irrespective of age, cannot devote much time only to themselves. Work, homework, childcare do not allow for frequent beauty or rejuvenating treatments. That is why taking one weekend or even a week every couple of months is more popular than relaxing for two or three hours at lively home.

  • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Rokosza 1
  • +48 41 370 70 57
Afor Adventure Park in Borków

Afor Adventure Park is a place for all those who wants to taste adrenaline or simply rest. One place but lots of attractions for children, adults, businesses and school groups! One can take family and friends. The park offers rope park which contains 44 platforms and 44 obstacles.

  • Borków, 64
  • +48 695 280 051
AGROKLUB - Czterokołowce

Agroklub is an agrotourist farm offering a full range of services related to agro-tourism. The farm"s special attraction is a four-wheel motorcycle tour through the Suchedniowsko-Oblęgorski Landscape Park. The offer includes a track for motorcycles, playground for paintball with full equipment.

  • Kontrewers
  • +48 41 373 84 00
Agrotourist Center - "Our Rancho - Nida Stop"

Canoeing has simple and inexpensive form and are prepared for those who had kayaking before and do not need guides or rescuers. Start and canoeing time depends on the participants. Each participant is equipped with comfortable double kayak, paddle and life jacket.

  • Nida
  • +48 41 241 31 98