Autobus turystyczny - Zarezerwuj bilet !!!

  • Kielce, ul. Bodzentyńska 2
  • +48 41 344 79 59
Complex of Indoor Pools "Błękitna Fala" in Sandomierz

The building is equipped with air conditioning system. Guests have at their disposal 25/12 m swimming pool with massages, water slide and paddling pool. The complex is adjusted to the disabled people who can use the pool at certain times. Guests can relax in sauna and jacuzzi.

  • Sandomierz, ul. Zielna 6
  • +48 15 644 67 20
Criuses on the Vistula

Cruises on the Vistula are very popular with tourists visiting Sandomierz and its environs. Beautiful, panoramic view over the town situated on the high escarpment enfolds from the ship slowly cruising up- and down-stream.

  • Sandomierz
  • +48 15 832 60 29
Cross-country skis

Winter trip in Świętokrzyskie can be started in Bieliny. The village is famous for strawberry cultivation but in winter it changes into excellent place for cross - country skis. There is 23 ski paths in the most beautiful area of Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

  • Bieliny
Culinary Heritage of Świętokrzyskie (within the European Network of Culinary Heritage)

Since the very beginning – the era of the Piast dynasty – the Poles enjoyed good food. Our dishes – both traditional and modern ones – are appreciated abroad and they frequently become culinary titbits. However, due to constant hurry and fast food restaurant chains, our eating habits are getting worse.

  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • +48 41 342 14 51
DELTA Association. Canoeing and rafting.

Kamienna River near Bałtów creates a picturesque gorge. Jurassic limestone rocks on both sides of the valley, riverside vegetation, animals and birds, Bałtowska village panorama and historical church - all those can be seen during the trip. Rafting route starts at the foot of the Drucki-Lubecki palace situated near the hill.

  • Bałtów
  • +48 41 264 14 20

  • Kielce, ul. Bodzentyńska 21
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  • Kielce, Rynek 8
  • +48 41 344 47 37 (wew. 24)
ECHO Mall in Kielce

The facility includes 58 000 sq.m. total area which is covered by most influential and popular shops in the world: H&M, Zara, TK Maxx, C&A, KappAhl, Cubus, Reserved, New Yorker. Additional services are provided by Helios, MK Bowling, Pure Fitness and Tesco Supermarket.

  • Kielce, al. Solidarności 36
  • +48 41 333 36 06

Emeric dedicates its offer to all those who say that sightseeing and walking the common tracks is not enough to fully feel the magic of the Świetokrzyski Mountains. The region offers not only historic architecture, picturesque landscapes and unique nature reserves, decent natural reserves but also adrenaline and emotions.

  • Kielce, ul. Miodowa 3 / 18
  • +48 600 521 090