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Agrotouristic farm „Kuźnia”

The Kuźnia hospitality farm stands in the middle of the Cisowsko- Orłowiński Landscape Park. Surrounded by hills and valleys, it’s located far away from other farms and busy roads. Guests can admire blacksmith’s skills in the local workshop or learn decoupage techniques in the specially arranged atelier.

    Along the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

    One of the most picturesquely routes of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, which leads through the three bands (Masłowskie, Klonowskie and partly Łysogórskie). For exact visit one needs minimum of two days. Nowa Słupia which is situated in the middle of trail offers excellent accommodation facilities.

    • +48 41 275 52 44
    Along the Trail of Spiritual Energy Sites

    Traveling along 600-kilometer-long yellow biking Trail of the Spiritual Energy Sites is the best way of visiting the most interesting places of religious cult in the Świętokrzyski Region. A few days" biking trip would cover the whole trail that runs along a closed loop leading through the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.

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    AMAZONKA Equestrain Center

    The Equestrian Centre "Amazonka" is located in the area of great scenic beauty – Borków surrounded by a hundred years old pine wood. It is situated in a close neighbourhood with a gorgeous lake which area contains about forty hectares. The stud has about thirty horses which live on the area of thirty hectares.

    • Borków, 68
    • +48 41 317 19 92
    Around Starachowice

    The route leads mainly through the forest. However, there are its monuments of architecture and technology, interesting museums and places connected with the struggles for independence.

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    Artificial Ice Rink of Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation

    Artificial ice rink Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre is a well known and popular place, which annually attracts many skating lovers.

    • Kielce, ul. Szczecińska 1
    • +48 41 344 07 12
    ASTORIA Sanatorium
    Room from:60PLN

    The Sanatorium “Astoria” is a modern facility. It can accommodate 120 cure makers and offer them the following therapies, treatments and procedures: sulphide baths, carbonic acid baths, therapeutic mud baths and packings, hydro massages ozone and bubble baths.

    • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Starkiewicza 19
    • +48 41 378 80 67
    Bałtow – Bałtow Switzerland

    There are two freestyle pistes (340 m and 570 m long, 50 m and 70 m wide, difference of levels 65 m) in theis scenic area. The slope is lit and equipped with snow-making cannons. Ski-service and skiing gear rental center as well as a bar and a parking place are located near the ski-lifts.

    • Bałtów
    • +48 41 26 41 420
    Benessere Beauty & Spa Salon in Kielce

    The offer of the Benessere Beauty & SPA Salon includes face and body nursing therapies and such special treatments as IPL and bioptron, or light therapy, body detox, proslim gold and aerofat, slimming procedures, and micro dermabrasions.

    • Kielce, ul. Duża 2
    • +48 41 344 44 41
    Biking Trial of Defensive Architecture

    The roar of artillery, whistling a shot fired from bows, fire, smoke, uplifting songs of warriors - just imagine a pre-battle for centuries. Defenders. hidden within the walls of castles and fortifications as castles and invaders plundering, robbering and raping - all of the past. Now, to feel the real winner of the ramparts and the castle hill, just get on your bike and follow "Biking Trial of Defensive Architecture”.

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