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On the Trail of Dawid Rubinowicz

For centuries the Świętokrzyski region had been the land of fraternity, cooperation and understanding between two separate cultures and religions of two different nations: the Poles and the Jews.

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Operation "Adventure"

Operation Adventure is a fine way of spending leisure time, perfect for all those who like to be active and gain new experience. It is a 4-day long trip to the most interesting spots of the Świętokrzyski Region. Each day brings brand new places, new mysteries hidden in the region"s history, memorable adventures and great fun!

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Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train

The Świętokrzyska Local Train “Ponidzie Express Narrow-Gauge Train”, which uses the narrow-gauge line built by the Austrian military units already in 1915, belongs to one of the major tourist attractions of Ponidzie.

    Rahabiliation and Therapeutic Stay in Nida Sanatorium

    Sanatorium Nida offers professional therapy based on strong springs of sulphide water to disabled patients, patients after operations or those with various motor organs conditions – rheumatism, motor dysfunction, neurogical conditions, skin and peripheral nervous system conditions.

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    Raspberry Paradise

    Everyday hubbub, hurry, lack of sleep and bad eating habits make our body feel tired and longing for relaxation and renewal. Additional dullness of the cities we live in, artificial light in the offices and daily humdrum creates the need for comfort, few minutes of delight or perhaps longer relaxation.

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    Relax and forget about stress

    the experts from Rehabilitation and Medical Center NATURA has developed a complex therapeutic programme for patients who live under constant mental strain and need physical and psychological renewal.

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    Skiing – closer you would ever imagine!

    There are eight skiing facilities in the Świętokrzyski Region with almost twenty ski lifts, so there is plenty of skiing opportunities for all winter sports lovers. You don’t have to go through traffic jams on the road to Zakopane or Krynicain order to enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

    • Niestachów
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    Świętokrzyski Route of Wooden Architecture

    Wooden architecture is far less durable than masonry works, that is why all the preserved wooden monuments are of such immense historic and cultural value. If you see an old, beautiful wooden church or a manor, your thoughts wander off – to the times when the treasures of Polish culture were born. The smell of wood and delicate scent of resin inside the buildings create romantic connotations.

    • the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
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    The Apple Paradise – Three Days on the Apple Trail of Sandomierz

    The route links interesting places and presents unique historical and natural sights. The Tourist wandering through this land can feel the nature, see not only picturesque landscapes but also exquisite monuments of masonry and wooden architecture, manor houses with marvellous, hundred-year-old trees in landscape parks.

    • Sandomierz Region
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    The Bałtowski Jurassic Park

    A visit to the only Jurassic Park in Poland will give you a unique opportunity to see and admire natural sized prehistoric reptiles. In the area of approximately 3 hectares in the village of Bałtów near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski you will find over 40 dinosaur models.

    • Bałtów
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